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They loudly

They loudly They began to look for it and came very far in the wood.

Mirkl escaped because he was not in the wood and to a nipple long ago it chitsya on different smells.

He ran on glades and with naslazhde the niy smelled different smells of animals, flowers and trees.

On he forgot time about the owners.

Bella and her parents very much were disturbed they did not want to lose Mirkl and were afraid that it will be attacked by wild animals.

They loudly called him, but it not appeared.

Suddenly behind their back growl was heard and howl.

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Prepare pies, snow zaborchik, lodge from lumps.

Prepare for such interesting and useful occupations of a toy deputies kids will add and ukrasyat them the works the color tubules from the old felttip pens candles for snow pie; plastic cubes decoration of a short skirt snow doll which you will make with subgroup of children, and etc.

Spring the beginning of summer .

Snow now any more not that.

Supervision for snow thawing To develop elementary representations at children about the seasonal phenomena of inanimate nature snow thawing to show changes external type of snow.

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But if you show

But if you show To set the example, as a group to create a relaxing environment in which they protects and develops?


Any explanations just philosophy and theory.

They mail ti is not perceived.

But if you show an implementation of the method is to acts.

What alternative can be given to such a group, if she has also the influence of society?

What is a higher kind of reverence, respect?

In the process of discussions, which you are in charge, gently and quietly when you lead them to selfcriticism and the realization of evil.

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R Operations

R Operations To the child with motive violations bu is put to execute difficult independently this exercise, on it needs the combined actions.

Occupation Purposes development of a rechedvigatelny, recheslukhovy image sound [y]; correction of phonemic perception on a basis exercises on repetition of syllabic chains with a sound [y].

Equipment pictures; tape recorder.

R Operations procedure.

Exercises in phonemic perception of a sound [y] on to basis visual kinesteticheskikh feelings.

Game P Arokhod.

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One you bring

One you bring We with it friends.

One you bring up the son, and there are no problems.

Really it does not play about?

the girlfriend was surprised.

Plays about, of course.

Happens, and will tell lies, but right there a prizna it etsyatsya and will ask forgiveness.

The main thing that he trusts me the secrets mother bragged.

At me with two daughters full of problems, though we them four together we bring up I, the father and the grandmother with the grandfather.

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Children Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation How you think, whether it is worth making kind acts, and why?

Whether you know people who it is for soul disinterested on mogat another?

KINDNESS SPLINTERS The author is unknown emya spent the day off on a beach.

Children swam in the sea and built locks on sand.

Suddenly in the distance the little old woman seemed.

Her gray hair fluttered on a wind, clothes was dirty and torn off.

She muttered something about herself, selecting some subjects from sand and shifting them in a bag.

LESSON FOURTH UNSELFISHNESS With A Parents called up children and ordered to steer clear them from old women.

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