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Analysis of exercise

Analysis of exercise Analysis of exercise Whether questions of your partner were pleasant to you?

Your partner actually tested curiosity and with interest asked you?

That it was more pleasant to you to ask or answer?

Who two itself chose from you to himself the partner and who was chosen?

About whom from other children you learned something interesting to you?

How you feel in a class now?

That I like to do.

GAME since years Purposes In this exercise children have opportunity to tell something about themselves, having shown at it originality and virtuosity.

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On the long

On the long One night, when Margarita was going to leave to wash, in a hairdressing salon called.

The woman with raskosyentered mi eyes both very not wellgroomed and elflock.

On the long raincoat dragged on the ground was it.

Margarita never before met such slovenly people.

Gravelly voice the woman asked Margarita My name is Vasnuzha.

Cut off and comb to me hair!

Margarita was not able to refuse to people and told Sit down, please, I will try to execute yours on desire!

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Puppy peeped

Puppy peeped Mother long thought and thought up.

It baked huge, tasty pie also invited the neigbour.

The neigbour came and very much was delighted to pie and such lovely people.

They long sat also talked, drank tea, ate pie.

And when the neigbour solved to leave, the girl presented to it a fluffy white puppy.

Puppy peeped and licked the new hostess to full on the nose.

The neigbour of races it was cried with happiness.

And since then they walked always together the neigbour with the puppy and the girl with mother.

Questions and tasks to the fairy tale Think up the recipe of pie which was baked mother with the the daughter, also draw it.

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Many families

Many families Part one You mean our essence?


Especially our moral development from selfishness to altruisM. I think the child needs this period from birth to two years to strengthen basic feelings.

If you take away from his mother, he very poor.

He is contraindicated separation from the mother, because up to two years the child does not understand that there are other children.

But now baby in three months pay in a manger.

Many families have no other the exit.

It is difficult to see what is happening now, how cruel the world is forcing us to rush our children.

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Why Scarlet

Why Scarlet Why Scarlet Flower blossomed?

How you think, in each person heavenly fire burns?

Whether there were in your life moments when you were ill, and entreaties your relatives helped you to recover?

Drawing The Room in Heart Present that in your heart there was a room for God.

Draw this room and tell how it appeared in your heart.

Creative task Kind Way Read to children a proverb You will follow God, kind you will find a way.

Ask children to close eyes, to remember something good that occurred in their life and to tell about it to the to friends.

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All the gold

All the gold assured their young man.

But those merchants did not believe.

They gave it the purses full gold that only the young man got for them waters.

Now he was not more beggar.

All the gold and two the grenade he entrusted a caravanbashi a counter caravan and on asked to hand it to mother and the wife.

came back home, brought honestly and money, and grenades to two poor women.

They were delighted!

Razlo the daughter of the khan of grenades is dear, the motherinlaw thought to treat, and pomegranate not grains it is full perfect pearls.

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Whether is at yours

Whether is at yours Whether there is at you a friend to which you mozhsh to tell everything about themselves?

If one person understands another without words, what it means?

In what life situations for the person it is especially necessary help of the friend?

Movsur and Mahomed were on friendly terms since the childhood.

Whether is at yours give rise pour childhood friends?

Tell about these people.

Remember one them the old friends, and then one of the new.

Tell with whom from them you feel better.

V Written work Write how you understand sense of a proverb One old friend better new two.

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