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Children Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation How you think, whether it is worth making kind acts, and why?

Whether you know people who it is for soul disinterested on mogat another?

KINDNESS SPLINTERS The author is unknown emya spent the day off on a beach.

Children swam in the sea and built locks on sand.

Suddenly in the distance the little old woman seemed.

Her gray hair fluttered on a wind, clothes was dirty and torn off.

She muttered something about herself, selecting some subjects from sand and shifting them in a bag.

LESSON FOURTH UNSELFISHNESS With A Parents called up children and ordered to steer clear them from old women.

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The khan

The khan The khan was once again convinced of wisdom to Kook.

He married her for the son also allowed it to remind him of the left eye.

Questions and tasks Why the girl from the fairy tale wanted to get to the khan?

What question of the khan from the fairy tale you seemed to the cleverest?

Why for the governor it is important to see well two eyes?

Whether there can be a wise person not fair?

V Written work Think up history how to Kook helped the khan to get rid from false ministers and officials.

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To an olichestvo

To an olichestvo If it touched whom be from them, that bowls off.

Becomes driving the last participant whom the prygalka did not concern.

In dr Hugo of m game option vodyashch to them hundred N about in and t sya the one whom the first for de la a prygalka.

A U About e s with ¦ J y To cue of iaslediiya?

Stock any identical to a dm pra e you, for example cubes, m alenky balls, branches.

P redm d about lzh the N about t is one less than et, than players.

To an olichestvo of participants.

Rules Players run round, in which center there are subjects.

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All these

All these Perhaps, not all will manage to be followed precisely to stylistic form of the recipe.

All these deviations are quite admissible.

Materials Paper and a pencil to each child.

Instruction Break into couples.

Choose everyone to yourself such partner, which you still insufficiently well know.

At first you can tell a little each other about yourself.

Ask the partner as that feels today of what he thinks.

Find out that it likes to eat with whom he prefers to play, what clothes likes to wear, what games to him are pleasant where it usually walks.

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Learned about

Learned about The grandmother of vegetables bought, put them in a basket, put it in a shade of the house also began to trade by means of Nyusha poma to lenk.

Learned about it residents and began to buy in great demand from it, and the old woman it and on a hand sits to itself in one place, releases for kopek, on two that that, another, both it is quiet, and it is favorable.

The old woman as she got rid of need will remember sometimes, and will tell On everything Lord's will!

He will want, Mnogomilosti vy, and so will arrange that money indeed will fall from the moon.

Questions and tasks to the fairy tale Whether Nyush can call the merciful girl?

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