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As a rule, people

As a rule, people Clip made of these frames, became the most popular.

As a rule, people wrote I love you, I believe in you, We are one and so on.

This indicates communication needs.

People want true connection, but don't know how to achieve it.

And how the thirst for communication is expressed in the relationship between boys and devoch kami?

How to teach them to search for a pair?

To speak openly about the physiology of the body, love, communication.

To separate one from the other.

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As soon

As soon Then, having clamped them in a fist, start going on a class.

As soon as it wants to you to enter game, stop near somebody and stretch it a fist in which it is clamped some part of your peas.

Stretching to the partner the clenched fist, ask Couples or odd number?

If the second pupil guesses, he receives these peas to himself if does not guess, that gives the first exactly so many peas, how many at that was in a fist.

At whom in ten minutes it will appear most of all peas will win.

Analysis of exercise Whether this game was pleasant to you?

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A. , ; Markova

A. , ; Markova A.

, ; Markova A.


, ; Petrova S.


, .

In structure of occupation various methods and receptions which are making active can be used activity of pupils, increasing interest in training and promoting the effective to interaction of the teacher and school students.

Change of different types of activity at lessons necessary for infantile, hyperactive children, carrying out creative works especially with creative children, selection didactic material taking into account features of the child children with SDVG often love something to do by the hands, and not just to listen and look at grants, introduction of game elements desirable for infantile, disturbing children all this promotes the maximum to the accounting of specific and age features of pupils even in the conditions of the cool fixed system and, certainly, will help increase of educational motivation.

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Here so miracle! The gripes

Here so miracle! The gripes The carpenter fell asleep.

And the cat as if understood words of the owner.

Under went to it, sat down on a pillow and there were diligent eyes to the carpenter to lick.

At first left, then right, left right, the left right.

Night passed, day came, and a cat all eyes of the owner you lizyvat.

Here so miracle!

The gripes in eyes at the poor creature started ceasing.

Passed ten days, and on the eleventh eyes at the carpenter ceased to be ill, and he began to see also well, as well as prezh .

Only at a cat of an eye began to slabnut, day by day everything is worse she saw.

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Here this

Here this There was it it is honest, hardworking and sober, never both offended nobody, and all its herds and flocks were grazed in mountains yes on meadows without supervision, and the animal did not offend them, people as there were no enemies at it.

In the same country there lived one idler and the idler.

Anything it does not do, and to move to it laziness.

Others work, and it sides has pins and needles, and lives in poverty, complains only of destiny.

Here this cattlefarmer meets him once.

Welcomes the poor, asks How you live, the friend?

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Danechka, I for you baked

Danechka, I for you baked Houses it baked tasty pie and villages for Danechki with the book on a sofa to wait for the son.

She knew that the son will come and will tell I do not want a feast hectare, it is also not necessary to wait for me, but could do nothing with itself it seems lat.

On the street darkened when on a ladder were distributed to Danki ny steps.

He entered the room and frowned.

Danechka, I for you baked tasty pie about iznesla mother.

The boy frowned and as if choked.

Having coughed up shis, he told Thanks of mothers, I awfully got hungry.

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