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And we went

And we went There other summer residents had a rest, and they envied us when saw, that we bear from the wood.

And we went is proud, because with the sister bore these gifts for our mother.

E ALLOW CHILDREN TO DO CHOICE Human life completely depends on what profession he will choose, what friends and what partner in life.

Therefore ability to make a right choice independently very important, and children from the most wounded age it is necessary to teach it.

Many parents are afraid to allow the children to make a choice.

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Such a discussion

Such a discussion There will be those who will say that neither why not felt!

But they will see that behave differently.

Such a discussion will take a whole day of school!

But apart from that there is nothing to learn from life.

Education is everything.

In principle, it's social education.


And if, in addition, we will devote an hour or two to the study of nature, that is enough.

After years school man comes out with nothing, and although he would be raised and equipped with basic knowledge in different areas level positions.

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, etc. The child, whose

, etc. The child, whose , If I was a wizard.

, etc.

The child, whose parents approach his education in close interaction with the teacher and work in one direction, starts understanding soon that demanded from it adults.

As soon as the mismatch in their actions disappears, the child becomes quieter and more confident in the forces.

Besides, such form of work as exchange of cards, promotes establishment of mutual understanding and the confidential relations between teachers and parents.

The listed above ways of interaction with the child with SDVG carry the preventive character.

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One from

One from All of them are pupils at school of friendship.

One from children the leader.

Distribute to children of a card with drawings of times ny animals birds, small fishes.

Warn children that they not have to show each other the cards.

Everyone on oche tells red that he will make for this or that obitate la of the world of the nature to become his friend.

For example I can kazh dy day to treat the friend with nutlets and I will hang up for it on tree cozy lodge little squirrel.

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