Children The stepmother forced the Cinderella to touch different grain.

The teacher brings a doll the Cinderella.


Today you will help the Cinderella.

Stepmother and se stra mixed some grain, it is necessary to sort them, that The Cinderella could get on a ball.

Children approach trays on which grain is scattered.

On each tray types of grain, participate people.

Children agree who what grain chooses, and begin the slave Tat.

Upon termination of all clean on the places.


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Poptoday the global

Poptoday the global Absolutely.

Everything happens in the group, and the success depends on the degree Association of its members, their desire to be together in the thoughts, aspirations, slope the values.

Poptoday the global nature obliges us.

Therefore mu I do not see the complexity.

About to learn a lesson from the failure of the kibbutzim and communism in Russian version, where the use of force suppression.

To find a way to be together.

And the better we will prepare children in school, the easier it is for them in life.

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Mass media

Mass media And with children we need to continue to do until graduation, before the army, and in universities tah too.

The man's whole life should learn the correct connection with environment mI. I am sure that at some stage and enterprises will deal with this.

In fact, the process should last a lifetime.

Mass media should occupy the first place in this changing society.

Several times a week must be family program on television, and they shall be such that if every family, including big and small members, saw his reflection.

This is a home theater?

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  • Among the general bikhevioralny methods it is possible to call use of reinforcements of events, sle blowing behind a certain behavior.The main principle of such therapy is application of remuneration of a material reinforcement of the child for the demanded behavior and punishments for the wrong.We recommend to speak not so much about punishment, how many about lack of encouragement, that is not carrot and stick, and gingerbread and lack of gingerbread.Parents have to create system of encouragement.
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