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Look, what

Look, what Play ladushka.


Look, what beautiful parcel to us at the grandmother sent.

Let's look that there lies.

The teacher gets from a box in one subject, accurately calling that it.

Then suggests children to bring on the table covered with a beautiful cloth, this or that before mt.

Children bring the called subjects on a table, admire theM. Teacher.

And now the grandmother treats you with tea with sushka.

Children drink tea, thank and go to group.

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I have a specific

I have a specific And let him be the judge.

This, of course, only one of options, there are others.

I have a specific question.

In this age we have many would tell called the children about animals.

Is it possible in such a situation, when played the performance in which the child sees his behavior, to show this story on example animals?

No, do not do that.

Here we are talking about human nature, about those properties not found in animals.

Furthermore, animals can not be aware of yourself, the more you change, as it is fully controlled by the nature.

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Analysis of exercise

Analysis of exercise Analysis of exercise Whether questions of your partner were pleasant to you?

Your partner actually tested curiosity and with interest asked you?

That it was more pleasant to you to ask or answer?

Who two itself chose from you to himself the partner and who was chosen?

About whom from other children you learned something interesting to you?

How you feel in a class now?

That I like to do.

GAME since years Purposes In this exercise children have opportunity to tell something about themselves, having shown at it originality and virtuosity.

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